graphic customers

The world in 3D

We all think, see and live in 3D. What must appear banal at first will become a real challenge at a presentation. How can a building or a new product be depicted three dimensionally without actually construction the building or producing the product?

We will deliver the answer to that. With 3D visualisation, 3D animation, 3D presentation. If you want to present a product or an idea, we look forward to your call.

Our current list of customers comprises from the following sectors:

  • Science, tumour research
  • Technology, materials research
  • Life Science, biology, biochemistry
  • Structural engineering, civil engineering, construction planning, bridge and road construction
  • Architecture, surface construction
  • Interior design, shop design, shop fittings
  • Real estate development

Perhaps you too?

We have executed projects for the following companies:

10sqm, Thomas Preuß, Münster


Bokx Potsdam GmbH

Castus GmbH




Pul Express GmbH

Winters & Hirsch