3D animation / explanation video: AquaNES Waste Water Treatment Fast filters

Project: Research project AquaNES, Berliner Wasserbetriebe 

The research project AquaNES investigates the combination of near-natural and technical processes for water treatment.

Fast filters: In this pilot plant, four fast filter systems with different filter materials are investigated as post-treatment of ozonation and compared with regard to their cleaning performance. The focus of the investigations is on the comparison of a conventional anthracite filter with a biological activated carbon filter. The anthracite grains have a compact and closed surface, whereas the activated carbon grains are permeated by pores. Organic substances can accumulate on the resulting large surface and provide a kind of food supply for the biofilm. The investigations should show whether this creates an advantage for biological degradation in the filter.


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Client: Berliner Wasserbetriebe

Further information on the project website AquaNes: aquanes.eu/Default.aspx